Applied Environmental Policy

The environmental program of Chrissi Amoudia Hotel includes specific actions like:



  • Use of dimmer controls in internal and external lights.
  • The air-conditioning and heating is regulated by thermostat according to external temperature.
  • Master electricity switch in all rooms.
  • Wide use of energy saving electric light bulbs.
  • Use of gas for the 90% of the kitchen appliances.
  • Hot water pipe insulation.
  • Solar heated water in the rooms.


  • Double glass windows in the rooms.
  • Sound insulated engineering plant.
  • Stereo music volume is centrally controlled, depending on the area and the time.


  • Towels changed on guests’ request. Bed linen changed every three nights.
  • Water flow regulators in all water taps and automatic garden irrigation systems.
  • Regular analysis of pool, sea drinking & biological waste water treatment plant.
  • All chemicals substances (detergents, garden fertilizers & pesticides) are ecologically tested by the Purchasing Dept. of the hotel, according to the eco-friendly criteria (90% biodegradable, no CFCs etc.)
  • Separated fat collectors for the kitchens.


  • All liquid waste is treated in the hotel’s water treatment plant. Re-use of waste water for garden irrigation (except lawns).
  • Reduction of Solid Waste: Use of liquid soap dispensers. Increased use of returnable bottles and reduction of non-recyclable PVC plastic and aluminum containers. Recycling of waste products (e.g. paper, glass, aluminum cans, wherever possible.
  • Reduction of single use products like plastic glasses.
  • Reduced packaging waste by bulk purchasing of products.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables bought in returnable crates or sacks – not disposable packaging.
  • Reduction of Plastic & Aluminum Packaging: Preference of glass bottles, where not possible PET containers are used. Plastic lunch basket, sanitary and refuse bags have been replaced with recycled bags. Plastic cups & plates have been replaced with paper or glass. Greaseproof paper is used instead of aluminum foil (wherever possible).
  • Most of the printed papers of the hotel use, are printed in chlorine-free recycled paper.


  • Use of tuna that has been fished without endangering the dolphins.
  • Environmental duties are included in all job descriptions.
  • Non-smoking areas in the Restaurant.
  • Preference of local plants for the hotel gardens.
  • Information leaflets for our guests